Wednesday, May 01, 2013

New Year's Resolutions-Pay our tithing on time

Each December as tithing settlement would draw near Scott and I would get a bit nervous. Not that we didn't want to pay our tithing, it's just that usually we would have missed a few pay checks here and there and then would need to "settle up" in December when money would be tight anyway. It was difficult for us to pay tithing on time because my paycheck is different every single time, and we both get automatic deposit. So a lot of time we would just forget on Sunday to pay it, and then the weeks would go by and the amount would start to add up. So this year we were determined to pay it on time. We got a great idea from Scott's sister to have a check automatically sent from your bank to Salt Lake. But it was a lot of steps and that still didn't work for me because my check is different each time.

So we decided that Scott should have an automatic payment sent to our Bishop's house every month, because his checks are the same month to month. Then at the first of the year I got 24 tithing slips and 24 envelops that have my bishop's address. I took them into work with me and when I get my pay stub I write the check at work and put it in the mailbox on the way out the door. At the beginning of the month I also write in our fast offering and in the middle of the month, I am following our Prophet's counsel and sending our dollars on a mission.

As of this post we are current on our tithing. We have never been this good about our tithing. This system works for us, and I know we are being blessed because of our diligence.