Wednesday, May 08, 2013

New Year's Resolutions-Keep a cleaner house

My house cleaning skills have always been sub par. Well let me rephrase, my keeping my house clean skills are sub par. I know how to clean, but I just don't like doing it all the time and it seems like even though we move all the freaking time, we still have so much stuff and only so many places to put it. So our apartment gets cluttered, and chaotic, and up until now, we've just ignored the mess. But now that the baby is hear and starting to get into everything I knew I could do a better job. So I came up with a schedule with the help of this to help me stay on track.

Monday: Vacuum,  clean out fridge of leftovers, wipe down fridge door
Tuesday: dust (just one thing, doesn't have to be everything) I use this, found it at the grocery store
Wednesday: Vacuum, clean the bathroom-been doing this and loving it, we also use a squeegee on the                    shower walls after we shower
Thursday: Pour boiling water down the drains to keep them running well, fold the laundry that Scott cleans
Friday: Scott does the vacuuming, so I mop the floor

Every day I unload the dishwasher and Scott loads it. I also wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet each night with a clorox wipe and Scott wipes down the kitchen each night.

I use Astrid to keep track of my to do list. Using that also helps me keep track of the cleaning tasks that only happen every once in awhile like washing the windows, cleaning the filter on my vacuum, rotating the mattress, vacuuming the fridge coils, cleaning out the garbage cans, etc. 


Mary said...

Fill kitchen sink with hot water. Pour a little clorox in the water. Put a hand towel or bath towel(that is DI ready) in clorox water and squeeze excess. Spread towel on kitchen floor, stand on it and shuffle around. TaDa.