Wednesday, May 08, 2013

New Year's Resolutions-Keep a cleaner house

My house cleaning skills have always been sub par. Well let me rephrase, my keeping my house clean skills are sub par. I know how to clean, but I just don't like doing it all the time and it seems like even though we move all the freaking time, we still have so much stuff and only so many places to put it. So our apartment gets cluttered, and chaotic, and up until now, we've just ignored the mess. But now that the baby is hear and starting to get into everything I knew I could do a better job. So I came up with a schedule with the help of this to help me stay on track.

Monday: Vacuum,  clean out fridge of leftovers, wipe down fridge door
Tuesday: dust (just one thing, doesn't have to be everything) I use this, found it at the grocery store
Wednesday: Vacuum, clean the bathroom-been doing this and loving it, we also use a squeegee on the                    shower walls after we shower
Thursday: Pour boiling water down the drains to keep them running well, fold the laundry that Scott cleans
Friday: Scott does the vacuuming, so I mop the floor

Every day I unload the dishwasher and Scott loads it. I also wipe down the bathroom sink and toilet each night with a clorox wipe and Scott wipes down the kitchen each night.

I use Astrid to keep track of my to do list. Using that also helps me keep track of the cleaning tasks that only happen every once in awhile like washing the windows, cleaning the filter on my vacuum, rotating the mattress, vacuuming the fridge coils, cleaning out the garbage cans, etc. 

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

New Year's Resolutions-Pay our tithing on time

Each December as tithing settlement would draw near Scott and I would get a bit nervous. Not that we didn't want to pay our tithing, it's just that usually we would have missed a few pay checks here and there and then would need to "settle up" in December when money would be tight anyway. It was difficult for us to pay tithing on time because my paycheck is different every single time, and we both get automatic deposit. So a lot of time we would just forget on Sunday to pay it, and then the weeks would go by and the amount would start to add up. So this year we were determined to pay it on time. We got a great idea from Scott's sister to have a check automatically sent from your bank to Salt Lake. But it was a lot of steps and that still didn't work for me because my check is different each time.

So we decided that Scott should have an automatic payment sent to our Bishop's house every month, because his checks are the same month to month. Then at the first of the year I got 24 tithing slips and 24 envelops that have my bishop's address. I took them into work with me and when I get my pay stub I write the check at work and put it in the mailbox on the way out the door. At the beginning of the month I also write in our fast offering and in the middle of the month, I am following our Prophet's counsel and sending our dollars on a mission.

As of this post we are current on our tithing. We have never been this good about our tithing. This system works for us, and I know we are being blessed because of our diligence.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Year's Resolutions-Study our scriptures consistently

Studying our scriptures consistently has been something that we have struggled with our whole marriage. So this year my resolution for Scott was for him to remember to pull out our scriptures and read while I nursed Penny before bed. A lot of times we have the Mormon Channel read to us from our phone, but we're getting it in more often, and I think that's an important first step. We still have a long way to go, our goal being that we are studying instead of just reading, and that we have individual scripture study as well as family scripture study. But one small step at a time.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I realize that today is the 21st of April, but this year we as a family really tried hard to make realistic goals that would make our family better:
1) Study our scriptures every day
2) Pay our tithing on time
3) Keep a cleaner house
4) Have a meal plan so we eat out less and nourish our bodies
5) Exercise more
6) Pray morning and night
7) Keep learning about the best ways to raise our baby and nourish her body and mind

2013 is also going to be the year of graduation! Scott defended his thesis in early January, and now he is working on his dissertation grant and research.  I will graduate with my master's degree in December.

As a general update, we are doing great. Penny is growing "like a zucchini plant in July" as Amanda would say. Email me if you would like to be a flickr buddy and see WAY more pictures of Penny then anyone thought possible.