Thursday, August 19, 2010

We're still here, with some news

No pictures-sorry, but I have exciting news! Scott did a great job at his Master's proposal defense and after a short one month research project and some finishing touches on his paper he'll graduate in December. Scott's program is a combined Masters and Ph.D so we stay put for another three years, but any kind of graduating is good news.

News #2 We got a new kitty. We've been thinking about getting Gimli some company for awhile and Scott's labmate had to give up his cat when he went away to grad school. So instead of going to a shelter she came to live with us. The two cats are very slowly getting to know each other. We think they will be friends eventually.

News #3 I've decided to go back and get my Master's degree in Child Development. I took the GRE last Monday and I think I did well enough to get accepted. I been accepted as a non-degree student so I will start classes next week. In October the department will review my application and hopefully I'll be accepted into the program. I'm really excited to get started.

Besides all of that news things are great. Scott and I are celebrating our 5 year anniversary this weekend. We're having a great time and loving life here in Nebraska.