Friday, October 23, 2009

Vogue Fashion?

Looking for the next fashion trend this season? Want that look to really set yourself apart from the crowded masses? Or maybe you're looking for that next piece to wear to the big gala that is sure to be the talk of the event. If so, look no further! Follow the link below or watch the embedded video on the newest fashion statement fresh from none other than London: R.P. - Encore

A friend of mine from USU tipped me off to this site. At first I thought it was a big joke, but then I watched the CNN video. The results were myself and my fellow graduate students in the lab nearly wetting ourselves in concert. I really like the gem-encrusted headpiece. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

What happened to the Barrett family? Long time no post. Any news from Nebraska?

My sweet friend Cassidy made the above comment on my last post this past weekend. I knew I hadn't blogged in awhile, but I didn't realize it had been almost two months. It seems like school just started a few weeks ago. Things have been kicked into high gear here. Now that I'm teaching full time my days are long but the weeks are short. I've been doing marketing for the studio in the morning and then teach all afternoon and evening. And then usually have a wedding to play at on Saturday.

Scott spends all day at the lab. He is working like crazy and getting a ton done. He's presenting at the Neuroscience Conference in Chicago next week.

Today is Gimli's birthday (we think). She got a piece of cat furniture and a new litter box.

And just for your viewing pleasure:

Here is a picture from our vacation in Colorado this past summer. Scott and his dad are guarding the entrance to Mike and Kelly's kitchen.