Thursday, June 11, 2009

A post with a table of contents

We had quite a weekend and I know I don’t like to read long posts so I’m devising a way for you to only read the news you want to. I will number the paragraphs and put the table of contents at the top.

1. I played two weddings in Omaha on Saturday
2. We ate at a restaurant famous for its “Testical Festival”
3. Scott’s new calling in church
4. I didn’t get puked on in nursery
5. Scott’s birthday on Sunday
6. Fun pictures

1) On Saturday I played in two weddings in Omaha with the quartet from my studio. We didn’t get lost, the weddings were nice and I visited the only castle in Nebraska. Scott was very nice and came along because on the way home…

2) We ate at a steak restaurant for his birthday. This restaurant has what is called “The Testical Festival” it is exactly what it sounds like. We got steak instead of testicals and left very full. It’s the best steak we’ve found in Nebraska so far.

3) On the way home a member of the High Council called for Scott and asked us to come in early for church. When we went to the meeting they called Scott to be the Executive Secretary for the Bishopric. Suddenly it donned on me that we are grownups. It’s a weird feeling.

4) In the nursery there is a very sweet girl who gets really worked up every time her parents drop her off. She gets so worked up that she pukes. We try really hard to get it in a bowl, but it usually ends up on one of us. This past Sunday she didn’t puke, she really didn’t even cry. The past couple of weeks I’ve made her sit in a time out chair if she started to cry and she can’t come out until she stops crying. On Sunday I took her from her parents and asked her if she wanted to play or if she needed to sit in the chair and she wanted to play with the babies and only three tears were shed. I felt like wonder woman. Nursery is getting easier-which is good seeing as Scott can’t help anymore.

5) We also had a small birthday party with some friends for Scott’s birthday on Sunday afternoon. I made a peach pie, pumpkin cupcakes and yellow cupcakes from a box. The peach pie was a big hit, the pumpkin cupcakes got eaten and we still have yellow ones left if you would like to come over.

6) Here are some favorite pictures from the weekend. Our friend's daughter Jane came up to see Gimli but had to look under the couch to find her.

I hope this ordering system has helped you navigate through this very long post. Don’t blame me if you skipped important information.