Wednesday, February 27, 2008

People are so clever

This is an amazing video talking about a non-profit group called Playpumps International. In Africa they are digging wells so people can have drinkable water, but most of the wells have no electricity to run the pump. So Playpumps has created a pump that just needs to be spun around. So they made the pump into a merry-go-round. They place the pump at the local school and for every 5 minutes of spinning a day's worth of water for one family is pumped. Awesome.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I want I want I want

This is the answer to all our composting woes. This thing does it for you. You put it in your kitchen, you can add 120 lbs. of food scraps a month and every two weeks it spits out compost. If only is wasn't 300 dollars......


In my quest to make us self-sufficient, economical, and green I'm trying to start OAMC, or once a month cooking. You basically make a ton of stuff once a month and then freeze a lot of it. Over President's Day weekend I got inspired and I made sticky peachy chicken, chicken enchiladas, chicken packets,breakfast burritos,bran muffins,and healthy apricot breakfast bars. I didn't get them all accomplished in one day, but they are all finished now and I was able to individually wrap a lot of it so Scott can take them out one at a time to eat. Any other suggestions for this kind of cooking?

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The week of surprises

My sweet husband has been giving me a week of surprises in lieu of Valentines Day. He surprised me with lunch at work one day, he picked me up and took me to dinner one night after I had been on campus for 13 hours. Last night he took me to the Sport's Authority store and bought a basketball. Now if you are in Scott's family you know that he is not the biggest fan of playing basketball, but he decided that he didn't want me to have to get up in the morning to exercise, so he wants us to start playing basketball in the church gym when I get home. I thought it was a very nice surprise and he sure does love me.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I didn't kill the yeast

So I tried my hand at the famous "Lion House Rolls" a huge part of Stoneman history. We would always go to the Lion House in downtown Salt Lake (home of Brigham Young) the day before Thanksgiving to get said rolls and pies. I will never forget the one awful day when they were doing major construction on the Lion House and I think we waited upwards of 3-4 hours to get our pies and rolls. My sister Jana and cousin Augie were very young, sat down at a table and pretended to smoke with drinking straws. My Auntie Mary told them to stop on pain of death and as she was walking away Jana muttered under her breath "I hate hewr" (she still couldn't say her "r's"). Now you have a piece of famous Stoneman lore and that story gets told at every Thanksgiving. Needless to say we switched to Marie Calendars the next year. But the rolls are famous none the less and for Sunday Creations this past Sunday I tried them out. As you know I am frightful when it comes to yeast, but everyone keeps telling me that all I need is practice. So I dissolved the yeast in the lukewarm water with a pinch of sugar and low and behold the rolls turned out. They don't look like the rolls from the Lion House, but they tasted good, so I was happy. And you get to see my cute snowman platter which was 75% off at Smith's Marketplace.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Go Vote

This primary is so exciting and lots of firsts, first African American, first woman and first Mormon to all have a real shot at the White House. Go let your voice be heard.