Thursday, January 31, 2008

Graduate Programs

I really wanted this post to be about another rock band, but I'm informed that people want to read things about my life, not my interests. "Fair enough," I say.

We have recently heard back from four of the five programs to which I applied for graduate study. From Oregon Health and Science University we are told that we are on the alternate interview list, meaning if a primary candidate decides to not go through with their interview, we're up for a chance. I'm not sure how far down I am on that list, but I'm not anxious about it either. I figure, if we get in, we get in (though we both think Portland would be great and I do really like their program). From West Virginia University we've received an invitation to their interview weekend. However, we'd have to pay for the plane tickets, etc., so we opted to do a phone interview. That will take place sometime around Valentine's Day. From Arizona State University, I received a call from the person with whom I applied to work, inviting me out for their interview weekend, over February 28th. Since they are going to pay for tickets, I am very glad to attend, but even had they not we would probably have went still. Phoenix is much closer than Morgantown. Today we also heard back from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, who also will be paying to fly me out, but over February 21st through the 24th instead. We're very excited about all of these and looking forward to finding out more in the future. We'll keep you posted.

BTW, for those of you who are unaware, I'm applying for admission to PhD. programs in Behavioral Neuroscience. Now you know.

Take Action

As Brooke has said before, keep politics at home, but why have a blog if you can't speak your mind every once in awhile? California recently asked the EPA if they could make their emissions standards stricter than the federal standards. Here's how the Ideal Bite breaks down the conversation:
California: We want cars in CA to be cleaner than the federal standard. You cool with that?

EPA director: Nope.

California: Well, can you at least tell us why?

EPA director: Negativo, California.

If you are similarly irritated by this strange behavior, you can send your own comment card to EPA Administrator Stephen Johnson here.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Creation Sundays

So Bon has inspired me again to make something new each Sunday. I love to bake more than I love to cook, so my two new creations have been on the sweet side. The first is Granny Smith's in a blanket. You can find the recipe here.

They are granny smith apples covered in pie crust, then you melt sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and red hot candies and cover the apples in it and then bake. Serve with vanilla ice cream, they were great.
The next was Chocolate Bread. This was way more work then it was worth, it ended up tasting like brownies, but was two full days of baking. Yeast scares me to death and the first round of yeast either was killed by me, or it was dead already. It was fun to try, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

This is my sister Jessica

What can I say? We were big Lawrence Welk fans as children.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

America's Favorite Cat

I have never been a Garfield fan. In fact, I think it's the stupidest strip in the newspaper. I think I'd rather read Marmaduke, if that helps you understand the depths to which I'd have to sink to go out of my way to read Garfield. However, I was recently shown a website that is a sort of "Jim Davis" tribute site, if you will. Ever wondered what a Garfield strip would look like in live action? Ever wanted to watch a music video tribute to Jim Davis using a live action version of one of his own strips? If either of those prospects intrigue you at all, then follow one of the links below. These are the one's I recommend (because either their video tribute is hilarious or because they really show how ridiculously stupid Garfield really is):

Goals for the year

I liked the way Bonny put her resolutions on her post, so I am copying:

This year I will:

Focus on what I am in control of, not fret over what I can't

Eat better

Exercise more

Produce less waste (reusing printer paper, recycling everything, I might even start a compost pile)

Be more consistent in my scripture study

Waste less time

Happy New Year!

Friday, January 11, 2008

It is a fitness orb

So I'm sure with this next post you will all think that I'm falling apart. I purchased a exercise ball last night at Smith's Marketplace for a whopping $7.50. And then I brought it to work, pumped it up with the handy dandy foot pump that is included and now I am sitting on it at work. So far so good. My back has always been on the weak side and I had to go to physical therapy to help with the pain when I was trying to practice for my senior recital last year. So the only way to make your back stop hurting is to make it stronger. So that's why I think it's a good idea. I don't think I can sit on it for the entire day, my back's getting tired. But more and more everyday will be the trick. Plus it's nice to know that I'm "working out" while I'm sitting at my desk working. Scott keeps thinking that this will happen to me though:Dwight's fitness orb

Monday, January 07, 2008


Intrigued? So this story on NPR has been very popular recently. It is called a neti-pot and it is used to flush out your sinuses. You fill it with a salty solution (included) and stick one end in your nose tip your head and the water runs in your nose and into your sinuses and then comes out the other nostril. It is a little tickly but I feel so much better after using it. I get sinus headaches (for no apparent reason) so we'll see if this helps. The story says a lot of singers swear by it to keep the gunk out of their systems. Oh the wonders of saline.

A blogless Christmas

Very sorry for the blog less holiday. Truth be told we didn't take one single solitary picture the entire break. We spent some time down in Bountiful with my folks and siblings and then the rest in Logan. Scott started school today and it should be a rough but do-able semester. We should start hearing back about grad schools soon. Scott applied to Oregon Health and Science University (first choice) University of Nebraska, Florida State University, Arizona State University, University of Pittsburgh and University of West Virginia.

I got asked to play in the pit of "The King and I" so I pulled out the old viola and I think it's going to be a lot of fun. Besides that not a whole lot is going on, but I have caucus fever!