Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Simpsons Day!

Okay, so public response to the Michael Jackson video was less favorable than anticipated, but oh well. Hey, if you can appreciate hundreds of Filipino inmates dancing to Thriller, real or not, then you're simply un-American.

Anyway, being the tremendous day that it is, and seeing as Jentry still hasn't posted about her trip to Nebraska, I thought we would greet you in honor of a true American icon (yes, I have a lot of time on my hands! Until August 28th at least...).

Happy Simpsons Day! I sure hope it takes the box office charts!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Rad Video

What is the problem with the American prison system? Drugs? Coercive practices? Lack of prisoner reform programs? Too many prisoner luxuries? No, it's none of those. the real problem is that we don't make our inmates dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" in the prison yard. That'll teach 'em!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Local Toughs Indeed!

Dennis and Linda (the Barretts) were in town today. They dropped off David in Rexburg (some good stories there, let me tell ya) and have a week to kill before they take Ellen back down to Denver with them. They stuck around for a while and watched Jentry and I play a softball game then we went to dinner at El Toro Viejo. By the way, Jentry did make it on first base safely in the below video. Go Toughs!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Another Funny Heart Video

Here's another great Heart video. Why? Because they are hilarious, that's why.

In other news, Jentry has been busy looking for employment, applying for approximately 3-5 jobs a day. Meanwhile, I have been working in the lab everyday until 3pm and occasionally injecting pigeons with nicotine. On the side, I have also joined the league the graduate students created on I know, I know...fantasy hip hop? Let's just say that it's funny to play with a bunch of science nerds and it helps pass the time at work.

Friday, July 06, 2007

4th of July

We went down to Auntie Cath's on Wednesday to celebrate the 4th of July. (We tend to call it the 4th of the lie from the line in Little Rascals "You melt my heart like a popsicle on the fourth of the lie). We had a lot of fun, lots of food, and some volleyball. I love the 4th because all of the Stonemans get together and eat a lot. There are lots of little kids now and that makes things fun too. The video is of my cousins Max, Augie, and Ben. They are doing "monkey bumps" don't ask me I don't know. But funny video all the same. It caused Augie to get a bloody nose so that is why he has a napkin stuck up his nose.

Alone - Heart (HQ Audio)

This is a favorite of ours. My personal favorite thing is the exploding piano or Nancy riding the black stallion . We were going to go to Wendover this summer to see these guys live, but Jessica and Jana wouldn't be able to get into the hall because they are not 21. Oh well, we will have to survive by watching lots of classic 80's music videos.