Friday, June 29, 2007

Softecue (or Barbeball...)

So, Ellen and Kevin came down last week because they were going to see a show in Salt Lake and we had a barbecue with our friends Cade and Andrea. Nothing too special, just burgers, salads and chips, but we had a good time. If Kevin (or Mom) is reading this, you can rest assured, he seems like a pretty nice guy. Even better, the two of us can talk about Ellen in Tagalog to each other and there's nothing she can do about it! After our little barbecue (and while we attempted to grill corn on the cob) we played a little batting practice on the softball diamonds at the park. All in all, a pretty good time.

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Local Toughs

Jentry and I recently joined a coed, amateur softball team through the university. The team is made up of mainly graduate students from the special education and behavior analysis programs. Our team is named the Local Toughs, and we've got some killer T-shirts on the way fro next game. We've played two games thus far, losing our first 12-7 and winning the second 16-9. We have some pretty decent players on our team, especially when it comes to batting, but I could definitely work a bit on my fielding. Regardless, we have a good time and will be playing every Tuesday and Thursday until the season is finished (whenever that is...). Jentry will be out of town for stake girl's camp next week, so she'll miss a few games, but when she gets back we'll get some pictures and maybe video taken so we can share it on here.

Go Local Toughs!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Denver Trip - Summer 2006

Well, this post is long overdue, but I just love the video so I thought I'd share it. Last summer we went to visit the Barretts in Denver, CO and spent most of a week with them. We did a variety of things, but the two I'd like to highlight are the Scott vs. David crab soccer match in the backyard, and our fishing trip near Silverthorne, CO. You'll notice that David beat me in crab soccer, but I blame that to inability to breathe from chronic laughing. We played from probably an hour or more; a good workout.

The fishing trip was nice, though we only caught one fish, a small brown trout on a leech lure. We had a few other nibbles but that was about it. Jentry did, however, learn to fly-fish, which she claims to have enjoyed thoroughly. We waded out in the river and fished it up and down, but still had no luck. We'll have to try fishing a little earlier in the season next time when the water isn't so de-oxygenated from the summer heat.

Father's Day

Well, we went down to Bountiful for Father's Day and had a pretty good time of it. We had sneaked down earlier in the week to have our picture taken with all the other kids as a little surprise gift for John. I think he enjoyed it, as well as his other presents, which can can viewed in the slide show below. Jess, Jana and Jordan all treated us to several musical performances, and we had a terrific barbeque cooked by John (a.k.a. Grill Masta'). Later we visited the cemetery to visit Hooku (Grandpa Stoneman), which was refreshing. All in all it was a good time and we're looking forward to our next rendezvous for the 4th of July.

Monday, June 04, 2007


The day before we left for San Diego, Jentry's brother Jordan returned from his mission in Brazil. It was fun to watch the Stonemans get excited from his return and even more fun perhaps to tease Jana by pretending to see Jordan's ex-girlfriend at the airport (she fell for it every time!). It was also interesting to witness Jordan's reaction to the newly remodeled house. Of the many nice gifts and souvenirs that Jordan brought home from Brazil were many soccer jerseys (for everyone), an ornate, hand-made table cloth (for Deb), a rad hammock (for us!), a strange sea-shell lamp, a portrait of the producers in Portuguese, and two hand painted portraits of Christ (for the house). In return, he received a fancy Macintosh laptop.

San Diego

Jentry and I recently returned from San Diego, where I attended the annual conference for the Association of Behavior Analysis. It was a pretty fun trip, and we lucked out because we were able to car pool with our good friends Cade and Andrea Charlton, who secured a motor-pool car and gas money from the University for our drive. While we were there, we were able to visit such nearby attractions as Sea Port Village, Gaslamp Quarter and the San Diego Temple for the LDS Church. It was too bad that we didn't make it to the San Diego Zoo, but the conference kept me pretty busy.

The conference was a pretty decent event, and provided many opportunities to meet other research professionals and learn about graduate programs in Florida, Arizona State, West Virginia, San Diego and New Zealand. Later this summer, Jentry will get the opportunity to visit Lincoln, Nebraska and find out a bit about the behavioral neuroscience program while she is out there to receive her Suzuki teacher training.

After our brief stay in San Diego we followed Cade and Andrea up to Las Angeles where we were able to meet several of Cade's relatives and relax for a day or two by the pool at our hotel. After having finally tried the In-N-Out Burger I have to confess that it really isn't as good as people make it out to be, despite the secret menu items. I'll take good ol' Burger King any day of the week.